Protect from continuous moderate or high noise levels.

Head / neck

    Protect from falling and/or flying objects, bumps and hair entanglement.


Protect from dust, vapour, gas and oxygen deficient atmospheres.

Hands / arms

Protect from abrasion, temperature extremes, cuts and/or punctures, impact, chemicals, hot objects, electric shock, skin infection, disease and/or contamination and vibration.

Legs / feet

Protect from wet, slipping, cuts and/or punctures, falling objects,metal and/or chemical splash or spillage, abrasion and electrostatic build-up.

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Protect from splashes, dust, flying objects, gas and vapour and from radiation.


Provide visibility and protect from temperature extremes, adverse weather, chemical and/or hot metal splashes, liquid leaks, sprays and/or splashes, wear and/or entanglement of own clothes.

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