The following pages show a number of scenarios - use you skill to try to identify the hazards in each picture, and the risk that might arise from them

When doing this think about how you would apply the following priorities:

Remember only use personal protective equipment to minimise risk as a last resort after all of the above priority measures have been tried.

When carrying out a risk assessment, concentrate on those risks that present the greatest severity. Except where circumstances indicate to the contrary, trivial risks can be ignored, as can everyday risks associated with life in general. The time and effort spent on a risk assessment should therefore be in approximate proportion to the nature and seriousness of the risk.

Assessments can be of a discreet task or activity, or may be more general in their nature. For example, an overall assessment could be made of risks arising during work in a garage, however this may then lead to more detailed assessments for specific risks which may arise, such as may arise when people are working beneath vehicles.

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