It is important to be aware that bombs can easily be disguised to look like everyday objects

It might not always be possible to recognise a bomb from its outward appearance. What is important is the ability to recognise the kind of suspicious object, which might be a bomb.

Remember that a suspicious object is an item, which might contain a bomb, which is out of place and which cannot be accounted for. Treat any suspicious package or box that is found, with extreme caution.

If you believe that there is a bomb threat or a suspected bomb on the premises, move everyone in the area away from the bomb, carry out the emergency evacuation procedure and inform the Police. If someone informs you that they have received a bomb threat or that there is a bomb on the premises, you must get the important details from them (such as what it look like). Bomb threats are normally made by telephone. If you receive such a call:

  • remain calm;
  • keep the caller speaking for as long as possible, to extract as much information as you can;
  • ask the following questions:
    • where is the bomb - when will it go off;
    • what does it look like  - what kind of bomb is it;
    • why are you doing this  - who are you.

Try to obtain information about the caller, for example - their sex, accent or speech mannerisms, also listen out for background noises. When the call has finished, immediately arrange for the building to be evacuated and inform the Police.

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