You will come into contact with a variety of substances each day - many of them will be hazardous but some will present a higher risk than others

Hazardous substances are marked with warning symbols (pictograms) that show the type of risk that they pose.

When dealing with hazardous substances, for your own safety and the safety of others around you:

  • only use substances that are correctly labelled;
  • always follow the manufacturers' instructions and the information on label and on the the COSHH Assessment;
  • always use the protective equipment that is identified on the label and on the COSHH Assessment;
  • never mix chemicals / substances;
  • when diluting chemicals, always place the chemicals into the water and NOT water into the chemical as this prevents neat chemicals being splashed. Where possible use a dispensing pump.
  • do not pour chemicals/ substances into unmarked containers or spray bottles;
  • when carrying chemicals / substances, always use a sealed container to prevent it from spilling. Do not carry the container above waist height to avoid any possible spillage onto yourself. If the container is heavy, use a trolley to move it rather than trying to carry it.
  • store hazardous substances in a cool dry place, with good ventilation, and which will stop any leakage getting into the drains or the ground;
  • always separate alkaline and acid-based products and check them from time to time, to make sure that there is no leakage.

Following the workplace precautions detailed in the COSHH Assessment will ensure your safety and the safety of others working around you.

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