No one should attempt to operate a mobile elevated work platform (MEWP) until they have receiving proper training

Attending an IPAF (International Powered Access Federation), or equivalent training course, will provide the required level of training.

MEWPThe work at height assessment will often indicate that  scissor lifts, cherry pickers and similar powered platforms are the best choice to work at a hight, where it cannot be avoided. This is because they provide excellent safe access and a safe means of carrying out work at high level . However, make sure that:

  • the operators are fully trained and certified as competent
  • it is used on a firm level surface and has properly inflated tyres i.e. gauge checked
  • if it is used outside – the weather conditions are suitable i.e. no high winds / boggy ground, etc
  • any outriggers are extended and spreader boards used, as necessary, before it is used
  • there are guard rails / barriers and toe boards
  • the safe working load (SWL) is not exceeded
  • those on the platform use harnesses with lanyards clipped to a secure anchorage point inside the platform
  • everyone knows what to do if the machine fails with the platform in the raised position
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