Modern fire extinguishers are coloured red, or may have a self coloured metal body, with a different coloured panel or band on the body

The colours show which type of fire the extinguisher is most suitable for.




    Works by

Fire extinguisher - red


Fires involving organic materials - paper, wood, fabrics, etc

    Cooling the fire

Fire extinguisher - black


Fires involving electricity - watch out for the cold discharge nozzle

    Excluding the oxygen supply

Fire extinguisher - blue

Dry powder

Extremely effective for putting out almost any fire including those involving gases

    Smothering the fire

Fire extinguisher - cream


Burning liquids

    Smothering the fire

Fire extinguisher - green


Fires involving electricity and/or electronic equipment

    Not now available but may still be found














Extinguishers should be checked each year to ensure that they remain serviceable.

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