The Management of Health and Safety Regulations requires that you consider and put into place arrangements to be followed in event of serious and imminent danger to persons working in your business

Such an emergency may be due to:

The extent of the potential threat will dictate the amount of detail and consideration that is needed to deal with the emergency. For example, a small ground floor office will generally only require a simple plan, whereas a production facility that employs many people and may contain hazardous products will need a detailed  comprehensive plan.

Contact the appropriate emergency services, when preparing your emergency plan, and discuss it with them. Ask for their advice and follow the guidance that they give you. When you plan is complete, make sure that you tell all of your employees, and other in your premises, about it. Arrange for any special training or instruction that may be required. carry out a ‘test run’ to make sure that your plan will work should it be needed in real life.

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