Dangerous occurrences are near-miss events; however, not every near-miss event must be reported. Here is a list of those that are reportable to HSE online

  • collapse or partial collapse of a scaffold over five metres high, or erected near water where there could be a risk of drowning after a fall;
  • collapse, overturning or failure of load-bearing parts of lifts and lifting equipment;
  • electrical short circuit or overload causing fire or explosion;
  • plant or equipment coming into contact with overhead power lines.
  • dangerous occurrence at a pipeline;
  • dangerous occurrence at a well (other than a water well);
  • explosion, collapse or bursting of any closed vessel or associated pipe work;
  • unintentional explosion, misfire, failure of demolition to cause the intended collapse, projection of material beyond a site boundary, injury caused by an explosion.
  • dangerous substance being conveyed by road is involved in a fire or released;
  • failure of any freight container in any of its load-bearing parts;
  • failure of any load-bearing fairground equipment, or derailment or unintended collision of cars or trains;
  • road tanker carrying a dangerous substance overturns, suffers serious damage, catches fire or the substance is released;
  • unintended collision of a train with any vehicle.
  • failure or endangering of diving equipment, the trapping of a diver, an explosion near a diver, or an uncontrolled ascent;
  • malfunction of breathing apparatus while in use or during testing immediately before use;
  • accidental release of a biological agent likely to cause severe human illness;
  • failure of industrial radiography or irradiation equipment to de-energise or return to its safe position after the intended exposure period.
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